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READYACTION- Medium Handle Bar/ Pole Attachment (Only)


Get a READYACTION Bike/ Pole mount and attach it to Handlebars and ski Poles. Hit the slopes, ride the trails or drop into a half pipe with your hands free device.


  • This mount fits diameters from 3/8" - 1 1/2" approx
  • This mount perfect for ski poles because its lighter/ smaller than large bike mount.
  • Once on the pole, serves great as a selfiestick and as a tripod.
  • On ski pole as Selfiestick: film while on the move (see my ski videos filming skiers in front of me on website videos) or film back at yourself (be careful as this can be dangerous). Film while stationary for great backgrounds with scenery (see my video on website with Pgh in background) or family gatherings! 
  • This can now act as a tripod mount for both cameras and smartphones (with RA Sport) because READYACTION is camera friendly 
  • Perfect for professional and ametuer Photographers alike. Ski pole stuck in snow, ground, sand,ect.... serves perfectly as your stand or tripod. 
  • Now you can take time lapse, self portrait, family gatherings and have your own tripod
  • Heavy duty construction for most extreme sports and outdoor jobs
  • Includes one medium adjustable Bike/ Pole mount , one adjustable pivot hinge

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