READYACTION Sport - Chest Harness


Get a READYACTION Sport and attach your mobile device or camera to your torso.  Hit the slopes, drop into a half pipe, ride the waves/bike trails or whatever is your pleasure with your hands free device.  READYACTION!
  • READYACTION mount fits all smart phones(with or without a case)
  • Opening for Sport  2 3/8" -4 1/4"
  •  You wont even know its on your chest when not in use- in the up position. In the down- position it sits at 90 degrees for perfect viewing!
  • Sit on the chairlift or the side of a trail and send that video you just made to your friends, or post immediately Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ect......
  • You will love having hands free access to your smartphone on the train, subway- listening to your music or reading flipboard for all your news! (flipboard best news app I know of)
  • Check your emails and send a message with out worrying about dropping your Smartphone off the lift (finally)
  • Heavy duty construction for most extreme sports. You will love how Sport cradles your Smartphone! Made of ABS Plastic. Sport will not break. We Guarantee it!!
  • Tacky rubber harness grips for a firm fit.
  • Rust-free brass fittings/fasteners on the mount
  • Made in America (READYACTION Sport)
  • Combo includes one (1) READYACTION mount, one (1) main pivot hinge and one (1) adjustable chest harness (one size fits most)
  • Stability plate to steady your device or camera

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