READYACTION- Chest Harness (Only)


Get a READYACTION Chest Harness and attach your READYACTION Sport (universal smartphone holder) or just attach your camera.  Hit the slopes, drop into a half pipe, ride the waves/bike trails or whatever is your pleasure with your hands-free device.  READYACTION!
  • Premium adjustable harness form 50Lbs to 400Lbs .You will love how this harness fits you
  • READYACTION Chest Harness fits smartphones(with READYACTION Sport sold seperately) and cameras 
  • Utilize the up position with smartphone when not in use - you won't even know it is on your chest
  • Utilize the down position and your smartphone sits at a 90 degree angle for perfect viewing. No other universal smartphone mount on the market comes even close to our unique design/function with our tilt/lock hinge and 360' rotation ability. 
  • Access your smartphone anywhere (ski lift, train, bike or your choice) for hands-free access to music, check or send an email/message or take a picture/video and share it immediately
  • Utilize your speaker phone, face time, Skype from great hands free position on your chest
  • Perfect for hands free access to all your apps and flashlight (when attached to Sport) 
  • Includes stability plate to steady your device or camera 
  • Includes one adjustable harness, One adjustable hinge, and one stability plate

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